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"Our Fields Tell the Story of Precision and Excellence"

Pierre Alarie

About Pierre

Our story started over 30 years ago, when Pierre Alarie, founder of Beyond The Turf, began working with one of the most respected pioneers in the Synthetic Turf industry, Jean Prevost.Soccer Girl

Pierre’s meticulous work caught the master’s eye and a long, trusted relationship of inventor and installer was born. Together they pushed the frontiers of what was possible in the synthetic turf industry – innovating and refining the first long pile and infill technology..

• High Standards
• Guaranteed Timelines
• Industry Leading Quality

Throughout his career Pierre has maintained his signature “perfectionist” standards and guaranteed timelines. He’s overseen the installation of over 50 million square feet of artificial turf in premier venues around the world! And in all those years Pierre and his team have not been called back to repair even one square inch on any field installation.

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